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About OFS Norge

OFS Norge is a salmon and trout land-based farming company. We offer seamless and sustainable production, from smolt to final products of the highest pre-rigor quality.

Our ambition is to combine expertise within biology and technology to become a leading global land-based fish farming expert that produces high quality tasty fish, both fresh and frozen.

We are a highly competent team with extensive experience in aquaculture working together for a common goal: to cultivate expertise and harvest healthy tasty fish.

OFS Norge is developed by investors with extensive industrial experience and successfully developed seafood companies. Our owners are pioneers with deep roots in the Norwegian seafood industry and a successful project portfolio. Our management team has key experience from RAS operation and farming, project development, fish processing and sales.

ONTEC, the innovative RAS technology provider of which OFS Norge holds a majority stake, provides us with flexible and efficient solutions that are focused on fish welfare and sustainability. In addition, a state-of-the art on-site slaughtering and processing facility greatly reduces fish handling and stress and contributes to reduced transportation costs and lower total carbon footprint for our prime quality seafood.

Wild looking salmon produced in an ONTEC System
Wild looking salmon produced in an ONTEC System

OFS Norge AS
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