Project: OFS Måløy

Måløy is one of the epicentres of the fish farming industry, with access to an already developed value chain and key infrastructure.

OFS Norge overview

Slaughtering and VAP
(later stage)

1x Ø10m
RAS module

Full-scale RAS
Ø17 & 22m
RAS modules

OFS Måløy is a wholly owned subsidiary of OFS Norge. Our license for land-based production of 15.000 tonnes salmon annually (SF-V-19) was one of the first awarded in Norway. Our excellent location is adjacent to high quality fresh- and ocean water sources and green energy supply.

The project will be realised in 3 phases with a clear progression plan to reach full scale within 2026. Next, with a streamlined facility running and a centre of excellence in land-based operations providing a solid platform for knowledge transfer and competent growth, we intend to develop joint ventures abroad.

Phase 1:

The first phase is already under construction. Smolt is estimated to be released into tanks in Q4. The first phase, which also covers the mandatory verification stage for land-based projects (cf. §20 in Regulations on operation of aquaculture facilities) will be delivered through ONTEC Academy, with a production capacity of ~500 tonnes/year. We then proceed directly into phase 2 with a production of 7.500 tonnes, and then up to 15.000 tonnes in phase 3.

Phase 1:

~500 tonnes production
through Ontec Academy

Phase 2:

~7.500 tonnes large
scale production

Phase 3:

~15.000 tonnes full
scale production

International Joint Ventures

Pursuing global expansion with
recognised industry partners

Step one towards becoming a 15,000 tonnes HOG producer:

Completion of ONTEC Academy

Ontec Academy
Ontec Academy
Ontec Academy
Ontec Academy

ONTEC Academy is a centre of excellence for ONTEC technology’s R&D and capacity building in land-based farming, where future generations of farm operators are educated and trained. ONTEC Academy collaborates with Måløy High School (aquaculture diplomas, training and updates for college teachers), Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (degrees in management of aquaculture operations and a growing menu of short courses) as well as the research foundation MMR Ocean Blue with its network to Norwegian universities and Masters’ and PhD programmes. ONTEC Academy is a knowledge based yet hands-on operations-oriented meeting place for land-based farming afficionados.

ONTEC Academy will be the
technology company’s HQ and
pilot production facility.
Planned opening Q3 - 2021,
Fish swimming Q4 - 2021.

ONTEC Academy will
address the land-based
industry´s human resource
bottleneck and supply OFS
with in-house expertise.

Housing a unique
industrial scale R&D
and demo site,
with strong links to
the educational sector.

OFS offers seamless
industrial production,
from smolt to final
products, of the
highest pre-rigor quality.

OFS Norge AS
Gate 1 nr. 234
6700 Måløy

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