Based on two decades of testing and developing the technology, ONTEC (Onshore Technologies AS) has an optimised design that provides great growth- and flow conditions conducive for a robust and tasty fish that resembles wild salmon. OFS Norge is the main shareholder of ONTEC.

ONTEC’s unique flexibility to toggle each tank independently between RAS, hybrid and flow-through operating mode allows for unprecedented biosecurity in RAS, as well as smoother and more sustainable operations resulting in less fish handling, less diseases, and better water quality control. The energy consumption rated at 3,5 kWh/kg is, to our knowledge, best-in-class.

Modular design ensures that, during day-to-day operations, each growth volume is a separate biosystem that does not exchange water with others. The separation of fish in separate biosystems combined with strict biosafety procedures, and dedicated high-biosecurity zones for three-month transit quarantine for incoming smolt, minimizes risk both of introduction and internal spread of disease.

Trond-Inge Kvernevik
Executive Director, ONTEC Chairman

Biologist with industry leadership experience. Former CEO of Fiskevegn. Experience from fisheries, aquaculture, hydropower, telecom, research & international consulting.

Yngve Hjertenes
CTO & Project lead, ONTEC

B.Sc. in Technical Aquaculture. Ten years as Chief Technical Officer at ILAB (Industrial and Aquatic Laboratory). Experience from salmon farming, smolt production and water treatment.

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